Who are we?

For the modern child with a retro heart.

Allegra is a retro-chic fashion brand for children. Launched in 2023, the French brand takes inspiration from the clothing codes of the past and offers enchanting, elegant, and timeless models, from 0 to 10 years old.

Each product is designed in Paris and made in Spain or France with noble and original materials: plumetis, toile de jouy, lace and seersucker.

The models offered by Allegra range from printed dresses to rompers and ceremonial outfits. Uniquely, Allegra also offers a matching stroller dressing.

Why Allegra?

The Allegra brand was born from two observations:

  • Most children's ready-to-wear brands market increasingly standardized clothing, which often involves the removal of all ornamentation.
  • Manufacturing is often relocated outside of Europe, especially among so-called high-end brands, whose high selling price is rarely justified.

The result? European know-how is no longer highlighted and the clothes worn by our children leave less room for wonder, elegance or the reenchantment of the child.

Allegra, whose products are made in Europe, aims to address this observation and bring cheerfulness and joy ("allegra" in Italian) back to children's fashion.

The founder

Allegra was founded by Aude Sergent: after her first experience in chocolate at Valrhona, Aude Sergent joined François du Chastel in 2012 to develop Chatelles, the Parisian brand of customizable, chic and timeless slippers. In 2018, she took over the direction of the famous women's bag brand Olympia Le-Tan.

“I am the mother of two little girls, Apollonia and Octavie, and I aspire every day to enhance their daily lives. Unfortunately, I rarely find my happiness in current children's brands, which, under the pretext of practicality for children, have banned the terms "plumetis", "lace" or "seersucker". I think it is possible to combine these two aspirations: bring joy and beauty back to the clothes of our children, without neglecting the practical aspect that we are entitled to expect. This is the “raison d’être” of Allegra,” says Aude Sergent, founder and president of Allegra.

Creator Élise Hameau participated in the development of the first Allegra collection as a stylist.